Electronic Cigarette

90% of kanger e-vod from China.

In 2005, the Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. developed a well-known design of the kanger e-vod. This is an exciting event. The tobacco industry, this is a historic change. For smokers, this is a passing health news. EVOD BCC is the future of the tobacco industry, the development of a trend.
After seven years of development, the kanger e-vod has become a very promising industry. Various brands of EVOD BCCs, electronic cigarette products have been witnessed, and very popular. Currently, doing abroad, more famous EVOD BCC brand, mainly NJOY, PONS, BLU. Course, in China, there are many good brands of electronic cigarettes. This focus on the Chinese electronic cigarette market. From the advent of kanger e-vod, EVOD BCC has become a very big market interests. Many merchants began to seize the opportunity to change jobs, into the development of the design and production of electronic cigarette sales team. Soon, the EVOD BCC companies have already everywhere in China. These kanger e-vod companies are mainly located in Beijing, Zhejiang, Shenzhen, Huizhou and other major cities. Some of them engaged in the domestic business, a little business engaged in foreign trade, foreign trade and some have done. What is more, just one kanger e-vod dealer.
According to the kanger e-vod industry organizations reported that at least in China more than a thousand e-cigarette companies, over 90% of the electronic cigarette products mainly from China. Visible, the EVOD BCC market, competition is so fierce.
Nowadays, EVOD BCC in various forms in the market. For example, tobacco substitutes, health products, gifts and more. You can buy electronic cigarettes in different ways, not only in stores, but also in the online store. Such as Alibaba, Made in China, Vogt kanger e-vod store and more.

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